Mutton Biryani Recipe Hyderabadi Style with Goat or lamb

Authentic Hyderabadi Biryani
Mutton Biryani

Step 1 : Mutton Marination


1 Kg Tender Meat (goat)

Add meat tenderizer to meat

1 tbsp.Garlic Ginger Paste 

1 sqeezed lemon juice

1 tsp.zeera powder

2 tsp.Chilli powder 

2 tsp.Corriander powder 

1 tsp.Garam Masala powder 

3-Bay leaves 


2-Cinamon sticks


1-Biryani flower 

1 tsp.Shahi zeera

Salt (As per taste)

2 tbsp.Oil

1-Cup curd

A handful of mint leaves

A handful of chopped corriander

A handful of brown onions

6-Green chilles 

15-Pepper corns


Step 2 :  Cook Rice


4 Cups of Basmati Rice

10 Cups of water



2 bay leaves

2 cardamons

2 Handful of fried onions

10-15 strings of Saffron/ Orange Red color



A handful of corriander 

A handful of mint


Step 3: Instructions to make Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani


1. Marinate the meat using the ingredents from step:1 for an hour. 


2. Cook the marinated meat for 15-20 min on medium flame.


3. Soak 4 cups of rice for 20 min. Soak a few strings of saffron  in 1tbsp. of water


4. Boil the 10 cups of water. 


5. Add salt, oil, 2 bay leaves, 2 cardamons and add soaked rice to the boiling water. 


6. Cook the rice until 70% is done, strain the rice.


7. Add rice on top of the goat.


8. Sprinkle a handful of fried onions, corriander, mint, ghee and saffron water or 1/4th tsp of Orange-Red food color on top of rice. 


9. Close the lid tight and cook for 10 min on high flame, 15 min on medium flame and then 15 min on low flame, place a weight on the lid.


10. Serve hot Biryani with Raita